The Organisers


The GCRG is an independent educational charity established to carry out research, publish, and collect resources on Islam and for the scholarly training of young Muslims. It is a think-tank committed to the notion that Islam has much to offer our troubled and challenged world. A primary objective of the GCRG is to share the Islamic message of harmony, justice, balance, and humanity – and to harness its civilizing potential. It aims to produce a body of work that is solid in tradition, engaging in spirit, consensual in practice and relevant in context and is made accessible to decision-makers, policy strategists, religious and community leaders, politicians, diplomats, academics and the media by publishing them as research papers. 

Canopus Consulting 

Canopus Consulting stands committed to research and advocacy work to create a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Muslims in the West in general and in Britain specifically. This shall be achieved, in part, by convening forums that bring together experts to debate, discuss and unpack critical issues that inhibit Muslims from engaging with or becoming integral stakeholders in broader society in addition to clarifying matters relating to faith in the contemporary context. Our consultants comprise a global network of specialists spanning various Islamic disciplines, including theology, law, psychology and education. As an independent organization based in the United Kingdom, Canopus Consulting works alongside government, statutory bodies, educational institutions and grassroots organizations, in its commitment to identify and address the root causes of the dissonance experienced and perceived by young Muslims.